Smartphones, tablets and USB drives often carry business data without IT permission, oversight or protection against loss or theft. Unfortunately, these handy little portable storage devices can jeopardize gigabytes of sensitive information.

According to a study by Applied Research-West, three of four workers save corporate data on thumb drives, including customer records (25 percent), financials (17 percent), and business plans (15 percent). Yet, fewer than half of businesses secure data copied onto today's rising tide of consumer smartphones.

Most companies acknowledge the risk but, in lean economic times, lack the budget to battle it. But these excuses could leave employers in hot water if a regulated data breach occurs.

Why Choose secRMM?

1) Prevents the mounting and data transfer to removable media devices including classic USB (thumb drive), BlackBerry, apple, Windows and Android.

2) Authorize (whitelist) specific removable media devices.

3) Captures the complete path of the source file copied onto removable media devices (i.e. knowledge of the exact file that has been written and where it came from).

4) Logs failed attempts and successful data transfers, providing the who, what, where, and when of any attempted data transfer.

5) Seamlessly works with hardware/software encryption technologies.

6) No additional framework required. secRMM installs to workstations and servers without the need for a separate sever, database, web server or console.

7) Simple deployment.

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Trial a fully functional version of secRMM for two weeks. No need to uninstall the trial software if you decide to purchase. Simply add the license file on the system.